Your Best Years

Authors:Roger Palms
Published on: 2003-03-12
Publisher: Wipf and Stock Publishers
Pages: 224
ISBN: 1592441815
ISBN13: 9781592441815
Books Rating: from 5

Wanted: Christians with wisdom, spiritual maturity, proven character. Compassion and enthusiasm required. Must be willing to influence others. Hours varied. Grey hair a plus. Dreaming of retirement? Already retired? Why not consider an exciting career change instead? Join the thousands of mature Christians who have discovered new challenges and fulfillment while serving in churches, ministries, and neighborhoods across North America and around the globe. Why now? Because these are the years when your wisdom, energy, and availability can combine for the greatest effectiveness in ministry. Why service? Because when you look back on your life, nothing you could pursue could ever be as fulfilling and rewarding – not careers, not sports or hobbies, not leisure or money. Why me? Because you can offer what young people may not have – the wisdom of experience, spiritual depth, and time. And because the world needs more models of maturity in action! Let author Roger Palms introduce you to a world of opportunities and some believers who are already celebrating their best years by serving God and others!

This Book was ranked at 33 by Google Books

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