Authors:H. S. Wren
Published on: 2017-08-09
Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
Pages: 104
ISBN: 1974441180
ISBN13: 9781974441181
Books Rating: from 5

Many people believe President Trump was a God-send, chosen to bring change to the negative situation of the United States of America, and frankly, King Cyrus the Great and Donald J. Trump have a lot in common. Many people have prophesied about Trump winning the election, as God’s chosen vessel to do according to God’s own heart. In this introduction are some of the most telling prophesies that show that Trump was chosen by God. In these prophecies you can see the similarities between Trump and King Cyrus the Great. Please be ready to receive the most extraordinary revelations that many have no idea exist, however once you find out, you will be amazed by the magnitude of signs that verify Trump’s status as instrument of God. Be open to receive this great revelation, this book holds tremendous value and will give you great knowledge.

This Book was ranked at 23 by Google Books

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