Toddle Waddle

Authors:Julia Donaldson
Published on: 2015-05-01
Publisher: Pan MacMillan
Pages: 24
ISBN: 1447287924
ISBN13: 9781447287926
Category:Board books
Books Rating: 4.0 from 5

There’s a hullabaloo at the seaside when a toddler takes his friends on a stroll to the end of the pier. There are buzzing bees, bicycle bells and a whole beachful of noisy fun. Even the smallest toddler will enjoy the wonderfully silly sounds in this book, so join in and waddle along — you’ve never been on a walk like it!The trademark Julia Donaldson rhymes and rhythms in this cumulative story are perfect to read aloud, and Nick Sharratt’s mischievous and funny illustrations make the bright and playful Toddle Waddle a sure winner. Just right for toddlers!Look out for: Hippo Has a Hat, Chocolate Mousse for Greedy Goose, One Mole Digging a Hole, Animal Music and Goat Goes to Playgroup.

This Book was ranked at 11 by Google Books

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