Ramtha Revealed Vol 3

Authors:Michael Knight
Published on: 2018-04-10
Pages: 174
ISBN: 0692109501
ISBN13: 9780692109502
Books Rating: from 5

In a world that has been controlled by tyrants for far too long, a great awakening is under way – and the information in this book is part of that process. Ramtha has also made a prophesy about President Donald Trump, and that too is included. Are you familiar with the |Q| phenomenon? |Q| is an Internet oddity who has ties to the Alliance that is in the process of killing the Deep State – something that President Trump promised to undertake in his inaugural address. As you will learn from the Ramtha prophecy, the president most certainly has |help from on high.| It might seem outrageous, but Ramtha teaches that immortality is possible. Life after death is also a mystery. The very thought raises many questions. Ramtha has answers. From the workings of the brain and the power of the mind, to earth changes that Ramtha has prophesied for more than 40 years, this edition explores what Ramtha has taught to over 100,000 people around the world. Ramtha says there is a Grand Time Coming.

This Book was ranked at 40 by Google Books

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