Mysteries of the Glory Unveiled

Authors:David Herzog
Published on: 2008-01-28
Publisher: Destiny Image Publishers
Pages: 215
ISBN: 0768496365
ISBN13: 9780768496369
Books Rating: 4.5 from 5

Fifty years after the last great miracle revival, believers of every Christian denomination are experiencing a restoration. As foretold by the prophets, this rain is resulting in the greatest harvest of souls the world has ever known. What took centuries to understand and accomplish, God is doing in an instant in this present glory. Mysteries are being unveiled now to those who seek the knowledge of God’s glory. There were many healings and miracles demonĂ‚\u00adstrated publicly each night…Deaf ears opened. Paralyzed people were healed. Many with incurable diseases and serious cancers were healed. Every type of miracle was seen. Hungry believers will be fed through the Mysteries of the Glory Unveiled.

This Book was ranked at 6 by Google Books

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