Last Trump Gathering Bible Studies

Authors:Al M. Rogers
Published on: 2004
Publisher: Trafford Publishing
Pages: 242
ISBN: 1412010020
ISBN13: 9781412010023
Books Rating: from 5

Volume One is a series of Bible studies (and one important message) from my website that I commenced to build in 1997. It is full of well thought-out observations, Bible quotations, paraphrases and Bible references dealing with prophecy. Mainly with its information I am hoping God will put the Sword (Word of God) through the heart of another theory, (like the Gap and the Day-Age theories) which has crept into the Church’s doctrine and has sought to defile the Word of God with its doctrinal germ, and perhaps put to sleep the Pre-Tribulation Rapture and Left Behind theology that’s helped cause Saints, including myself, to go astray and backslide.

This Book was ranked at 6 by Google Books

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