Fighting for the Progressive Center in the Age of Trump

Authors:Joseph M. Hoeffel
Published on: 2017-08-24
Publisher: ABC-CLIO
Pages: 164
ISBN: 1440859558
ISBN13: 9781440859557
Category:Political Science
Books Rating: from 5

A dedicated politician who has served as a congressman and state legislator defines the formidable challenge for progressives after the November 2016 election—and explains how to bring back leaders focused on working in the broad center of politics in order to get things done for the people. • Makes a strong case for why progressives must fight for the political center of America’s civic arena in the battle with those who put Donald Trump in the White House • Explains how the path to success for progressives requires winning public support for the progressive agenda by promoting socially liberal and fiscally responsible policies as well as by rejecting rigid ideologies • Provides invaluable insights from the highly credible and experienced perspective of a politician with decades of experience

This Book was ranked at 4 by Google Books

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