A Better Goodbye

Authors:John Schulian
Published on: 2015-11-06
Publisher: Simon and Schuster
Pages: 304
ISBN: 1440592063
ISBN13: 9781440592065
Books Rating: from 5

Sports Illustrated Sports Book of the Year 2015 PEN/ESPN Lifetime Achievement Award Winner Nick Pafko knows he can’t be a professional boxer forever. But he never guessed it would end so quickly, and so wrong. Broke and unemployed, Nick has little choice but to call a number given to him by a friend. On the other end? Scott, a washed-up B-movie actor who runs a so-called massage parlor looking for somebody desperate enough to work security. Jenny Yee doesn’t really mind massage, until the day she finds her coworkers robbed and assaulted. Fearing for her safety, she resolves to never work without security again. With mounting expenses, she knows massage is the fastest way to get paid. When an old massage acquaintance calls Jenny to ask her to work for Scott, she agrees–and before long, she’s the top earner. Scott is an arrogant moron, but he’s harmless compared to the thug he calls |friend|–Onus Dupree. When DuPree decides to rob Scott’s massage joint, it’s the perfect opportunity to beat up Nick and take advantage of Jenny. Can Nick stay true to his promise to protect Jenny? Can he protect himself?

This Book was ranked at 18 by Google Books

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