KLIF Weekly Music Charts

KLIF was a leading AM radio Top 40 outlet in the Dallas-Fort Worth metropolitan area from the mid-1950s to the late 1970s. This volume includes many of its weekly pop music surveys from that period as well as a brief history of the station.

The Hunchback of Notre Dame

One of the first great novels of the Romantic era, Victor Hugo’s The Hunchback of Notre Dame has thrilled generations of readers with its powerfully melodramatic story of Quasimodo, the deformed hunchback who lives in the bell tower of medieval Paris’s most famous cathedral. Feared and hated by all, Quasimodo is looked after by Dom Claude Frollo, a stern, cold priest who ignores the poor hunchback in the face of his frequent public torture. But someone steps forward to help—the beautiful gypsy Esmeralda, whose single act of kindness fills Quasimodo with love. Can the hunchback save the lovely gypsy from Frollo’s evil plan, or will they all perish in the shadows of Notre Dame? An epic tale of beauty and sadness, The Hunchback of Notre Dame portrays the sufferings of humanity with compassion and power.

Operation Green Thumbs

Authors:Lisa ThompsonPublished on: 2002Publisher: Blake EducationPages: 76ISBN: 1865094420ISBN13: 9781865094427Category:City planningBooks Rating: from 5 This Book was ranked at 20 by Google Books

Sacred Knowledge

Sacred Knowledge is the first well-documented, sophisticated account of the effect of psychedelics on biological processes, human consciousness, and revelatory religious experiences. Based on nearly three decades of legal research with volunteers, William A. Richards argues that, if used responsibly and legally, psychedelics have the potential to assuage suffering and constructively affect the quality of human life. Richards’s analysis contributes to social and political debates over the responsible integration of psychedelic substances into modern society. His book serves as an invaluable resource for readers who, whether spontaneously or with the facilitation of psychedelics, have encountered meaningful, inspiring, or even disturbing states of consciousness and seek clarity about their experiences. Testing the limits of language and conceptual frameworks, Richards makes the most of experiential phenomena that stretch our understanding of reality, advancing new frontiers in the study of belief, spiritual awakening, psychiatric treatment, and social well-being. His findings enrich humanities and scientific scholarship, expanding work in philosophy, anthropology, theology, and religious studies and bringing depth to research in mental health, psychotherapy, and psychopharmacology.

The Gold Prospector

|In this first poetry collection you will meet some interesting characters including The Gold Prospector, The Master Perfumer and The Three Knights on a Quest. They invite you to consider themes such as love, nature, children’s games and technology in settings as diverse as a blacksmith’s forge and a medieval banquet hall. You may also catch glimpses of the God who takes delight in his children and rejoices over them with singing while continually calling them towards himself by mysteriously disappearing.

The Wit and Wisdom of Donald Trump

This book contains every witticism, and truly wise thought, that ever entered Donald J. Trump’s brain, and was then uttered by his mouth. It is sure to bring a smile to your face, or comfort you on a dark and cold night (because it can be used as kindling).


Authors:Annette SmithPublished on: 2004-05Publisher: Rigby EducationPages: 16ISBN: 0757882609ISBN13: 9780757882609Category:EducationBooks Rating: from 5 This Book was ranked at 24 by Google Books

The Devil’s Door

This book equips you with the knowledge you need to avoid deception coming from the Prince of Lies. Now you can shut and lock the door of your soul’s enemy–permanently.

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